The Thing (Theres-a problem)


APRIL’S Fools has been and gone, allegedly. But we have no need for spaghetti harvests nowadays. We have Brexit.

After so much hot air and frequently venomous language has been unleashed by politicians and ordinary folk, nothing has changed since former Prime Minister David Cameron allowed a referendum on Europe to take place. Nothing but an unforeseen and staggering rise in the tension and temperature of a volatile and scapegoat-hungry UK.

Three years after the 53-47% result, the whole country is still tied to the wishes of Theresa May whilst she suffers from a wannabe Maggie Thatcher fever. But this should not be the moment for May to aim to ape the jingoistic, money-focused deceased grocer’s daughter in trying to somehow knit together the varying demands of her Conservative party, the UK electorate and European Commission President Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk… …all in order to shine a light on herself as a strong and stable iron lady.

@theresa_may has not yet done a Belgrano, as it could be called – when lethal and catastrophic action is carried out in a selfish and myopic manner – but she’s very close to doing so regarding the UK leaving the Europe Commission without any form of ‘deal’.

Her being solely in control has regularly been and continues to be a problem for all of her ‘subjects’. On the back of 11 years of austerity, she still acts in an aloof and individual manner that indicates she has no wish to actually find concrete and lasting solutions to the numerous pressing issues at home which have fallen out of interest such is the worry and obsession over Brexit. Outsourcing should be her epitaph when she does step down and enters the history books. She either doesn’t want to get her hands dirty and/or she’d rather make money than help her fellow Britons. Two examples:

Knife crime every day, weekend and in every city? It’s a disease which teachers and nurses should be watchful of.  We don’t need more neighbourhood police on the streets; instead we’ll lump another job on the few which we have namely the extension of ‘stop and search’ laws that are historically used against people of colour. We’ll piss off all concerned and in the process completely ignore the lives of people with miserable existences and close-to-zero prospects of  a normal happy existence (in this, May has inherited so much from the previous female PM).

The biggest rise in UK homelessness in my lifetime? It’s up to the councils and the regional mayors. And the prisons. And the privatised prisons and probation services. You can’t blame the bedroom tax nor the prioritisation of oligarchs and oil over troublesome oiks and neither is the shutting of Sure Start centres anything to do with it.

The net nor the world hardly needs another opinion piece of Brexit. I’m fascinated/appalled by it all. And the Theresa May/The Thing clip below, which I shoddily edited a while back before one of the countless important votes in Parliament, is still applicable if only regarding our need for a solution to be found albeit not one involving a gun.

After the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow spoke warmly about the Neo-Nazi threat on an MP’s life yesterday, it’s temperate language which is needed. Sense and sensibility, if only to usher out and away the sibilant, redundant soundbites of May. Along with her.





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