Three Fly Females (and a brother named Prince)


Sheila E and Sha-Rock have never shared a stage. Maybe the closest they came is an Indonesian bootleg tape of ‘Purple Rain‘. They’re both survivors and living legends – fully deserving of a little more attention.



Sha-Rock was once the female member of the Funky Four Plus One – the plus one. Her real name is Sharon Green. She was a rap pioneer and always kicked it in a determined, low-key and dope style. Seemingly effortless dope no less.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

If you want living, breathing history that still slams home four decades later… if you want to see parity and equality (albeit if you ignore the name) then:

Head to 6:27 on this as proof.

She still makes a hell of a lot of sense. Here’s a recent podcast on which she guests and talks knowledge about her forty years in the game. One of the two co-hosts is Rah Digga – another lone female who proved herself live and on wax.

Hosts Lord Jamaar and Rah Digga


Sheila Cecelia Escovedo aka Sheila E. is a wicked drummer. And a cool singer too.


Prince knew it and worked with her for five years, starting with ‘Erotic City’. She was in his band as a fiery drummer and then an astute musical director for two years. This period was amongst his most prolific and successful, musically and otherwise. Later, similar to Michael Jackson, Prince tried to get down by including rap stylings. Didn’t really work.

What did work was ‘Holly Rock’ on the soundtrack to ‘Krush Groove‘ which starred Sheila E. and hip hop’s Three Stooges, The Fat Boys.

Fat Boys, Sheila E., Blair Underwood, Run DMC and Kurtis Blow.

And now Prince’s original version of ‘Holly Rock’ featuring Sheila E. has been posted with a lovely graffed comic book video. It’s grimy, JBs-sounding and rough. Yeah!

All hail the ladies (and the Purple one).



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