Poetry: ‘Flit’ and ‘For Sons of Daughters’ in #58 of The Journal

I’m happy to have had two of my poems printed in the Welsh poetry magazine  run by @originalplus. Here below are the first two stanzas of ‘Flit’ and the first three of ‘For Sons of Daughters’.



Old lore it was – a form of love –

that held a mode for living.

Heed fast the roles to follow

through en-route, ascension, heaven.


Band rates survived the loss of life;

a ledge for new fry flew anew,

as it then done – respectful sons –

a guided stance with atrophied moves.



For Sons of Daughters

Pick up the pegs, avoid her bend

is my sole thought when I survey

these colours splashed outside their house:

this rained-down game, no box or rules.


Might next-door spurn this plastic vommed,

not corralled right, but they, their backs,

look well-broke scrat, corners

ornered, destitute.


There’s scant chance of a friendly wave

as each follows their own standard,

flower tips afore brought Eid meals with

hasty greetings only then thrown.



If you want to read the whole of both poems, and other great work, visit https://thesamsmith.webs.com to discover how to subscribe.


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