My work.

Me. We.
Me. We. (2018) Gouache, watercolour, ink, latex on gouged, letter-punched and sanded chipboard.

Paris Population Minus One

Paris Population Minus One. Acrylic on cartilage.

This is a painting I did of a terrorist being killed in Paris in 2017. It’s outside the Gare Du Nord and I was struck by how summery the scene was. As they arrested a suspect, the plain-clothed detectives easily blended in with the rest of the crowd who toted backpacks above their shorts and bum-bags. But then, twenty yards away, a guy already lay dead.

This was an experiment – on a small scale – of ‘dotism’ and I’m still waiting to give myself clearance to do it on a bigger scale. Can Seurat’s pointillism survive and succeed if it’s not rural or pastoral but instead urban; if the over-riding emotion is one of negativity in some form or another as opposed to bucolic pleasantries?

Prisoned Proverb No. 1
P. Proverb No. 1 ‘Never look a horse tranquiliser in the mouth.’
Prisoned Proverb No. 2
P. Proverb No. 2: ‘early to bed, naysaying to Spice, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’…
The Gs
No. 1 of 3: Serge Gainsbourg.
Cash Moves Everything
DJ Cash Money. Ink, pencil, watercolour.
Climbing Man
Climbing Man (2017) Oils, sandpaper, ruler, cartridge.
Col To Action (2016)
@Kaepernick7 Pen, latex and gouache on cartridge.
Burkha as Beard
Beard As Burkha (2016). Gouache on cartridge.
Acrylics on canvas. Pat Mellow 2018.
Florian Schneider. Gouache and arcylic on canvas.
NYC Sharonda (2017) by Pat Mellow
NYC Sharonda (2017). Acrylic, oils, ink on canvas.
Jezza C.
Jezzy C (2016) Wilkos bingo highlighters on cartridge.
KENDODDSDEAD (2016). Pencil on cartridge. No idea if his dad knew. Or his dog.
Burnley Football Club [Maldivian branch]. (2016)
BFC [Maldivian branch]. A rare glimpse of said island’s capital before it was permanently engulfed by rising tides courtesy of global warming and climate change. The basilica in the background played host to both local fans and affiliates flown in, both sets of folk enjoined in their admiration and joy to have Clarets legend Graham Branch during the annual celebrations of Burnley Football Club together with the long-standing links between the famous East Lancashire club and the previously popular Asian holiday destination.
Cafe Au Fait (2018)
CAFE INSANE Acrylic on primed MDF. Made in response to the %&£ in France who thought it was ok to cop a feel AND THEN hit the woman who protested and objected.

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