Portraiture (2016 -)

Acrylics on canvas. Pat Mellow 2018.
Florian Schneider (2018). Gouache and arcylic on canvas.


Melodious Thunk (2018). Acrylic, dremel on chipboard.

Stevie W

Stevie Wonder (2017). Acrylic on cartridge.

Cassius. Mohammad. GOAT.


Muhammad Ali (2016) Pencil on cartridge.

Twig (2017), Pen and wash on cartridge paper.
Twig(2017). Pen and wash on cartridge paper.
Rebel in the Hill.

Darcus Howe #smallaxe

BLM march (2020). Ink on paper.
Lady (2020). Ink on paper.
Muhammad Ali (2020). Ink on paper.
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