Doves, greens: what’s not to like?


Take a sport known as the quintessential game for rich white males.



Add a YouTuber who’s keen to promote his love of said pastime.




Produce an instructional video on the merits of hitting a golf ball with a single-minded purpose of defeating your opponent with magnanimous and calm relief.




Spend ages over your transitions; the variety of fonts on display and the attention you’ve paid to your use of colours to ‘wacky’ it up – keep it fun dude!



Decide said video should not have a suitably gung-ho title like Ace The Hole or Hole Lotta Love or the old evergreen classic U-S-A-R-U-L-ES. While you’re at it, eschew the typical soundtrack choice for such a video as this. No Journey or Whitesnake for you, no siree.

You (and your knackered Converse hiding under the biggest flares seen on a golf course since Tony Jacklin assigned his to the back of his wardrobe and inked a deal with Lyle & Scott and Farah slacks) are an indie fan.

A golfer, certainly; a wannabe YouTuber; probably; an indie freak, abso.


So you do three things:


  1. Title the video after the song which soundtracks it: Some Cities by Doves.
  2. Create something that is never going to trouble MOMA, the ICA or the Tate Gallery over whether it should be selected for viewing, but is extremely well-matched in an unexpected and pleasing way. Feel a little bit of urban, sodden Manchester amidst your Caddyshacking dreaming of the plush Augustan greens… toss an imaginary needle or bag of spice right in the middle of a patch of azaleas.
  3. Sit back and clock the viewing figures rise.


47 thousand or so folk feel like him – and me. Join the crowd…




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