‘Im Puano’


Towards the tail-end of Margaret Thatcher’s destructive reign as British Prime Minister, an unusual record came out of nowhere, well, Liverpool, actually. It was released on Bjork’s record label, One Little Indian. A heavily accented and melancholic Scouse female recited a list of the items on her ‘Imperfect List‘. It was an intimate, passionate and very personal roll-call of the dastardly (‘Mister Jesse Helms’), the shitty (‘lying bastard friends’) and (sometimes) the absurd (‘the sending off of Len Shackleton’ to wit).

Oddly, it was empowering and positive overall that someone(s) had thought to vent in this way, to show their fighting spirit in order to kick against the pricks – a Crass-ian slogan associated with the record label and its founder, Derek Birkett. Even though the list ends on a bleak note, there is a uplifting sense left with the listener of someone taking charge and standing up for themselves.

In that same spirit, here is my homage-cum-update.


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