Poem: ‘Dear Bob and Roberta Smith’

Dear Bob and Roberta Smith. This is a letter of ten foot high thanks for the multitude of paint stuck and shaped seen today. I write outside the Harris Gallery where a rocked pram’s wheels rotate and spin regardless of the couple nearly fighting to the side of coloured slats boarding my eyes. I remem-Continue reading “Poem: ‘Dear Bob and Roberta Smith’”

News: The definition of ‘home’ divides Londoners as two permanent bench residents watch world go by

Today’s article on the BBC concerning a mother and son who have lived together on a park bench in London for several years produced the above thoughts and more: to pry into their lives – even with positive intentions – seems intrusive when their local community (and council) are helping in spades.

Vinyl Junkie: ‘Assimilation’ by Cool Breeze

Released in 1995 when the ‘jazz not jazz’ ethos allowed labels such as Dorado, Mo’ Wax and Kevin Beadle’s Clean Up records to unite music makers of simpatico scenes – and in doing so showcasing how London would later give rise to the ‘broken beat’ movement – ‘Assimilation’ by Cool Breeze was more deceptive, much deeper in its construction and objectives than might have been originally thought – as much Bronx as Bristol and an emphasis on guitars and soul together with echo chambers and programmed beats.