Weatherall – Rest In Beats

He was a Larry Levan-cum-Malcolm Sargent for those of us who came of age in  clubs of the late 80s and early 90s. A backroom man quickly promoted to the main stage who convinced in the flesh and away from the decks, his pedigree never doubted and his star never dimming.

Mellow Music No.1

A crummy album from a bargain bin or dusty, damp back room in a shop may well have a few seconds or more of a weird beat/arrangement or strangely affecting voice/keyboard line. The rest is dreck but that one element is to savour, perhaps even re-deploy elsewhere to greater effect…

Introduction to Caveman

Nowadays they’re barely a footnote in any Hip Hop history, but Caveman left us with good memories of a relatively brief yet still refreshing time in music when producers and rappers could look where they liked for inspiration, pushed an Afro-centric yet English viewpoint and were defiant about doing both.